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Weight Loss Mentorship

Get the full-service weight loss experience that eliminates all of the guesswork and helps you achieve long-term weight loss success. 

Together we will walk through everything you need to launch, execute, and sustain your weight loss journey in the quickest, safest, and most sustainable way possible. It will include custom exercise programming, nutritional guidance, and expert weight loss methodology. Beyond that, we’ll have twice weekly coaching/mentorship strategy sessions, daily Monday through Friday text check-ins to offer accountability as well as encouragement, and unlimited "Ask an Expert" service with support.


Below is a bullet list of all that’s included. 

* Custom for you exercise plan & strategy
* Nutritional guidance, strategy, & support 

* Weekly One-On-One Personal Mentorship Sessions

* Daily Accountability & Support through text messaging

* Exclusive access to our private Facebook community 

* Full access to The Art of Weight Loss Master Class
* Full access to The Art of Fitness Master Class

* 63-Day Fitness and Nutrition Inspirational Journal 

* The Art of Weight Loss Secret Playbook

* Unlimited “ask an expert” service 

* And so much more…

My Approach
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