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About Me

Jeremy Rochford is a certified personal trainer, corporate fitness trainer, and corporate fitness specialist. His entrance into the weight-loss/fitness field came by way of his success of not only losing 200lbs, but also, keeping it off for over 15 years. 


He has been developing custom weight loss programs and guiding others towards their own success for over ten years and specializes in body positive, emotionally, and psychologically 

supported weight loss. 


He is actively involved in the study of fitness, nutrition, and yoga. By having a well-rounded understanding of the entire weight loss process, not only as a person but also as a professional, there are few more qualified to guide you through your weight loss journey. 


While in Nashville, he established the Nashville Wellness Academy, which is a cutting edge approach to sustainable weight loss, that blends the 3 main conflicts one must address while attempting to lose weight.  He's now brought that proven approach to satisfied Weight Loss Mentee's nationwide. 


Aside from weight loss, Jeremy is a TEDx speaker, best selling author and stand up comedian. 

My Approach
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