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From a mental and physical stand point-this is the healthiest I've ever been in my life. None of this would have been possible without Jeremy and his program. 

Ruth H. from Pittsburgh, Pa

My Approach

My experience with Jeremy has really transformed my ideals about weight loss, fitness, and myself. To this day I continue to make healthy choices, exercise, and I couldn’t be happier with how I look and how I feel! While our time together has taught me many things- what I feel I learned most is that long-term weight loss success is falling in love with yourself and committing to being healthy…no matter what is going on in your life. I say this from the bottom of my heart-thank you for everything.  

Malia B. from Atlanta, Ga

All I keep doing is winning thanks to Jeremy’s program.  Before we started- I couldn’t even get my leg into a size 36 pair of pants. Now, those dang things are falling off!!!

Uncle Dave Howard- Best Selling Author from New Kensington, Pa

Like many of you reading this-I’ve seen myself lose and regain that same 30 pounds a few times over the years. I could never break that cycle, and I could never get any farther than that first 30 before I started reverting back to my old habits. 


But that all changed once I started working with Jeremy. Before that-I didn't have the tools I needed. I wasn't doing anything that was sustainable in the long-term. I wasn't getting deeply enough into the real issues that led to the yo-yo effect I had always experienced. I never understood how vital exercise is, or how exercise and nutrition can actually be a part of my faith. 


There's something to be said about accountability. Someone who checks in, and asks how you're doing. Someone who celebrates with you and doesn't mind talking about weight loss constantly because they've been there and they just get you in ways other people can't really understand. 


I'm confident this is forever and I'm so grateful for Jeremy and his program. 

Tracy Y. from Lyons, Oh

When I worked with Jeremy not only did I lose weight, but also, I learned that healthy living is about a lot more than just a number on scale. I am constantly inspired by the work he does and think you will be too!" 

Jon Acuff from Nashville, Tn

Words cannot describe how much better I feel. Back when I was at my heaviest, I wasn’t happy at all with how I felt, how I looked, and I just had a bad attitude. I decided that I needed to change things up. I started off super slow by just watching what I ate. I started to drink more water and that was helpful. But once I got connected to Jeremy’s awesome program that’s when the pounds really started to come off. His program helped me realize where I was spending all my time and how I could actually make weight loss work with my chaotic schedule. He helped me become aware of what was going into my body. He gave me healthy snack options to eat and made me understand what type of foods you need to fuel your body. Now- I’ve hit my pre-pregnancy weight and I’ve never felt better.  Words of wisdom! Never give up and believe in yourself. 

Danielle M. From Wesley Woods, Pa

When I opened my private practice, Jeremy was the only person I felt comfortable enough partnering with to offer my patients weight loss guidance. 

Dr. Victor R.Prisk MD. From Monreoville, Pa

While I know it’s only been about 3 months, and 50 pounds doesn’t seem like a lot, I’ve got to be honest when I say I can truly see a difference on the inside and the outside. When I see my face in this picture I can tell that my eyes scream of a freedom that I’ve never had before when trying to get healthy. Because of Jeremy’s positivity and sense of humor-exercise is no longer a chore. Shopping for groceries is no longer a bother. Everything about Jeremy’s program and approach to weight loss has impacted me in so many ways. His mentorship is more than just weight loss, it’s life changing.  

Stephanie H. From Traveling Somewhere in North America

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